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Does your business need help with commercial bad debt?

  • A non performing commercial debt can be immensely worrying to the creditor
  • They can be expensive for a business to pursue and collect through the Court
  • We Buy Commercial Debt can be part of your armoury of bad debt recovery solutions
  • We provide a bespoke service for companies and individuals that have bad debts to sell

We buy individual business bad debts

Very few organisations offer the facility to purchase individual commercial bad debts. Debt purchasers mostly insist on purchasing larger portfolios at very low percentages in the pound. We Buy Commercial Debt are different in that we will look at purchasing a high-value individual debt.

Specialist help tailored for smaller businesses that want to sell a bad debt

We Buy Commercial Debt are specialist purchasers of commercial bad debt.  We have been established with a view to assisting small and medium sized businesses that often cannot afford debt collecting lawyers or sales ledger departments. We are supported by a leading firm of insolvency experts and specialist debt collection lawyers who know how to push the right buttons. We are not tied to or owned by any debt collection companies.

What kind of business bad debt would we purchase?

Our service is particularly suitable for a business that is owed a single or very few commercial debts and where the ultimate recovery that is targeted is more than a few pence in the pound.  Although we
do purchase commercial debts of less than £3,000, most debts fall in the £3,000 – £25,000 band.

We are unable to assist Landlords who have Residential Tenancy Debts. This is due to our focus on Commercial Debt.

How does the process of selling a business bad debt work?

We will independently review and consider every business debt individually and, based on its merits, will purchase, subject to qualification, the debt for a nominal sum and pay an enhanced return to you based on our recovery, once the process is completed. After the initial disposal it is hassle-free. The next correspondence you receive from us will be our statement and a cheque.

Our unique service – The benefits to your business

  • Gives you the possibility of potential bad debt recovery where you had given up hope
  • No upfront outgoings on your part
  • We will take on any qualifying bad debt (provided debtor is not in formal insolvency)
  • Zero hassle – set it up and forget about it : whilst we endeavor to make the bad debt recovery
  • Easy to implement – nothing to lose

If your business has a bad debt to sell...

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Many people look at this website before they have exhausted the simple and effective methods of debt collection that are available.

To serve our clients better we have forged an alliance with an outstanding firm of lawyers based in Manchester.

Their debt recovery team have been successfully recovering debts for clients for over 15 years and offer services at a competitive, fixed price.

As a result, we are able to include as part of our offering:

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Letter Before Action

Letter £50.00 inclusive of VAT

Statutory Demand drafting service

21 Days £250.00 inclusive of VAT

Statutory Demand drafting service with referral to a Process Server

Served personally £350.00 inclusive of VAT

Credit and fillings report

Magnify £36.00 (per company) inclusive of VAT

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